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Hi this is Mark Reside and I am Meadrisker. For over 20 years I have been developing software solutions for improving business processes using the best technologies to suit your requirements. I understand every project is unique and has a different set of issues to overcome and guidelines to work within. My approach to development is inclusive, I work closely with the end users of the system and administration, to ensure that I fully understand the project requirements and that the end product is actually solving the issue its being implemented to address.

About Me

When I am not programming, you will find me out walking the dog with the family, at the beach surfing, or sitting writing the next chapter in one of the many stories I am working on. A few years ago I self published my first book, a Children’s Picture book called Stunno’s Surf Adventure, a very challenging and rewarding experience.

Postal: PO Box 1465, Sale VIC 3850

Telephone: 0400 935 466

Email: mreside@meadrisker.com.au


About my work

I take pride in everything that I do, I love process and analysis and enjoy the challenge of finding a solution to a problem.

I am constantly learning new technologies to ensure the systems I implement best suit your requirements. I work across platforms, local , web and mobile to ensure the your requirements are met.  

 I understand that the only way to produce a product that functions how you need it to, is to ensure that you the client is part of every aspect of the process.

I encourage my clients to be a large part of the testing and debugging phase of each section of the project. I have found that no matter how well I understand and learn about your business, the feedback I get at the testing stage allows me to go back and redevelop areas to ensure the end product is exactly what you require.



Design / Develop / Maintain

The Shentry program comprehensively addressed the needs of our Show society and has plenty of flexibility to meet the requirements of other Societies who may operate quite differently. Mark Reside (Shentry’s creator) has an excellent understanding of how Shows ‘work’ and his support throughout our Show entries process in 2017 was outstanding. It was a pleasure working with him and I strongly encourage other Show societies to have a good look at Shentry to see the benefits for your own circumstances.

– Sale Agricultural Society


Recent Projects


Shentry Show Entry Management

A system designed for the management of Agricultural Shows. 



Australian Bowhunters Association Scoring Database

An access database for managing scoring at local / state / national and international shoots.


Australian Bowhunters Association Membership Management Portal

Web base portal integrated with Shopify to manage memberships and payments.


St Paul College II Independent Learning Time Portal

A system designed for the management of Student independent learning periods used by 800 students and 50 faculty.


Warm and Safe Heated Clothing

A shopify store designed for managing the sale of Warm and Safe Heated Clothing products. 


Logging Manager

A web based system for managing piecework payments


A simple but powerful Event Management System


Highly Customisable

The advanced templating system allows you to add additional fields such as text boxes, check boxes, waiver forms and select boxes directly to either the entry form or each individual section as required. The schedule is designed to propogate down through each of the sections, so to add a template to every event below a parent event, simply add the template to the parent.

More than one way to enter

There is a three step process for entries in Shentry.

  1. A draft entry is created by:
    1. An entrant themselves online by browsing.
    2.  An entrant themselves using the entry form.
    3. A group entry uploading a populated template.
    4. An assistant creating the entry using the entry form
  2. The draft is marked completed, verification is made that all information that is required is entered before completion. When the entry is marked completed, entry numbers are allocated to the entry.
  3. An Assistant reconciles the entry and the entry is marked as entered in show.
Online and Offline payments

.Accept online payments using Stripe or Square or take offline payments such as direct deposit, on the day, cheque and cash

Agricultural Shows

Section Entries

Individual show sections

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