Software as a Service

Software as a service or SaaS for short is a license model that you offer your application for use on a subscription basis, often paid on a monthly or yearly basis. The application is usually multi tenanted (multiple business / users on the same server but with their data seperated) and is usually accessed via web browser and / or mobile application.

SaaS is a good model for startups that have a product they want to release to market, one of the major benefits is a centralised location for software updates, and upgrades as well as being excellent for scaling as you grow.

Meadrisker already have their own Software as a Service application in market and generating revenue. Shentry is designed for managing Agricultural Shows.

Shentry allows Agricultural Shows to manage entries, receive automatic credit card payments, produce stewards books, and enter results across multiple sections in their show.


Meadrisker also developed Sitepics, an image management solution for a Melbourne Startup.

Work smarter and get paid faster with Sitepics
Sitepics is powerful picture management cloud for business, Geo-locating and collating all your staff and contractor pictures so they are a snap to use across quoting, selling, servicing and billing.